Natural  Resources Consulting, Research and Development

Founded in 1994, GEOMEDIA Ltd. focusses on consulting, research and development in the fields of environment, geology, geothermics and industrial safety.

GEOMEDIA provides technical support in development of groundwater, geothermal and other natural resources under consideration of on-going global climate change. GEOMEDIA provides solutions to increase resilience against climate change, finding adequate mitigation and adaptation measures.

Climate change and environmental consulting:
  • Conceptual studies of climate change scenarios and environmental risks at local, regional and national levels;
  • Climate change resilience, adaptation and mitigation measures;
  • Evaluation of water resources vulnerability, rock and soil vulnerability (geohazards, engineering geology and geomechanics);
  • Assessment of operational risks of protection and remediation technologies as well as their reliability;
  • Environmental and social impact assessment, environmental audit, environmental due diligence;
  • Industrial safety, major accident prevention and work safety;
  • Evaluation of environmental, social and economic aspects of regional development scenarios;
  • Hazardous materials management, waste management;
  • Air quality protection, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Cost-efficiency analyses of operational and management scenarios.
Geothermal resources: ( reference list )
  • Geothermal resource assessment and development;
  • Geothermal drilling projects and supervision of drilling activities;
  • Geological analyses in projects to use geothermal resources for electricity and heat production;
  • Shallow geothermal heating and cooling of administrative and commercial buildings, ground source heat pumps;
  • Exploration, research and development of deep geothermal systems (Hot-Dry Rock, EGS - Engineered, Enhanced Geothermal System).
Groundwater resources: ( reference list )
  • Hydrogeology drilling, monitoring, sampling, hydraulic pump tests;
  • Groundwater resource assessment and management regional and local;
  • Groundwater mapping, GIS, water information systems;
  • Numerical simulations of groundwater flow, transport of contamination and heat;
  • Hydrogeology for mining and construction activities management of dewatering, pumping programs;
  • Groundwater quality assessment, protection and remediation activities;
  • Delineation of protection areas of groundwater, mineral water and thermal water resources, balneology;
  • Land and property protection measures against flooding.

GEOMEDIA Ltd. has been accredited as Private Sector Observer organization with the Green Climate Fund of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)

GEOMEDIA Ltd. has been registered with EU Directorate General Development and Cooperation - EuropeAid. ID: CZ-2009-FUX-0207535830

GEOMEDIA Ltd. has been validated at the European Community Research and Development Information Service CORDIS. PIC number: 953115502

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Partner Links:
  • 1. Geotermalni Litomerice - Town of Litomerice - developer of the deep geothermal project in Litomerice
  • EXACOM Ltd. - partner in management system implementation, industrial ecology, ergonomics, work safety and fire protection.
  • EGS Energy - renewable power company focused on engineered geothermal systems
  • Q-con - specialized in services and consulting for the characterization, development and control of subsurface reservoirs

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